MagicForm: Best Way to Train Your Own AI Salesman

What is MagicForm?

MagicForm is a no-code AI conversational platform that helps businesses automate customer service, generate leads, and increase conversions. MagicForm uses GPT-3 technology to provide personalized, human-like answers to customer questions. It also integrates with CRM to leverage the company’s knowledge base for accurate responses to customer issues. MagicForm can also be used to create quizzes and tests, and collect customer data.

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MagicForm Features

  • Conversational AI: This is the core functionality of MagicForm. This can help you build a good relationship with your customers.
  • Collect customer data and opinions for use in improving your customer service and marketing efforts.
  • CRM Integration: MagicForm integrates with CRM to track customer interactions and manage customer relationships.
  • Knowledge Base Integration: MagicForm integrates with your knowledge base so you can provide accurate and up-to-date information to your customers.
  • Reporting and Analytics: MagicForm provides detailed reporting and analytics so you can track the performance of your MagicForm chatbot and improve it as needed.

How to Log in MagicForm?

  1. Visit the official website of MagicForm
  2. In the upper right corner find and click Sign in
  3. If you already have a MagicForm account, click “Already have an account? Sign in” below to log in.
  1. If you don’t have a MagicForm account yet, you need to register with your email account.
  2. After successful registration/login, you will be directly redirected to your account page.

How to Use MagicForm?

1. After logging in/registering according to the above steps, you will directly enter the personal homepage.

2. Click Create New Agent to create a new ai chatbot.

3. Click the pencil icon below to start customizing the ai chatbot.

  1. Enter the website and related data files that your ai chatbot will serve (including website information, company information, dialogue templates, etc.), click Scan and Upload
  1. After reading the information, MagicForm will start training the chatbot. After training is complete, you can deploy the chatbot to your website or mobile application.

Benefits of Using MagicForm

  • MagicForm can help you improve customer engagement by providing personalized answers to customer questions.
  • MagicForm can help you increase customer conversion rates by providing accurate and useful information to customers. This can help you close more sales and grow your business.
  • MagicForm can help you reduce costs by automating customer service tasks. This frees up your time and resources so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

MagicForm Pricing

You can use MagicForm for free, or you can pay for the pro version and enterprise version. The function comparison between the paid version and the normal version is as follows:

Free Version Pro Version Enterprise Version
  • No code AI trainer
  • 50 conversations per month
  • 3 MagicForms
  • 250 conversations per month
  • CRM+Zapier integrations
  • Unlimited MagicForms
  • Unlimited conversations per month

Tips for Using MagicForm

  • The better your chatbot is trained, the better it can answer customer questions and provide assistance.
  • Keep your chatbot up to date. You should regularly update your chatbot with new information and answers to customer questions.
  • Monitor chatbot performance. You should use the MagicForm analytics tool to monitor the performance of your chatbot and identify areas for improvement.

MagicForm Reviews

Fawn Pedtric: I’ve been using MagicForm for a few months now and I’m really impressed. It has helped me improve customer service.

Wizalt Unock:

MagicForm is a great tool for businesses of all sizes. It’s easy to use and very effective.

Mone Lefes:

I’m really happy with MagicForm. It saved me a lot of time and money. I used to have to spend hours answering client questions, but now I can let MagicForm do it for me.

How does MagicForm work?

MagicForm uses GPT-3 technology to humanize communication with customers.

What are the limitations of MagicForm?

It doesn’t always answer customer questions accurately. This may pose certain risks.

Who should use MagicForm?

MagicForm can be used by businesses of all sizes, especially those looking to improve customer service and grow leads.

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