Mage Space is a web-based software tool that allows users to create art and NSFW content using a variety of AI-based models. It offers a range of base models such as Stable Diffusion v1.5, Waifu, OpenJourney, Analog, Anything v3.0, Redshift, Arcane, Archer, Disney Pixar, Eimis, PFG, F222, and PPP. Users also have the option to upgrade to the Pro versions of each model. With Mage Space, users can customize their art and NSFW content by choosing an aspect ratio, quality, guidance scale, seed, negative prompt, and privacy settings.

Mage Space leverages Stable Diffusion 2.1, a text-to-image generation model that offers advanced features. While it may require users to tweak their prompts more compared to other models, like Midjourney, it provides users with the output they desire. Mage Space is a free tool that allows users to test and explore the capabilities of Stable Diffusion 2.1.

Please note that Mage Space is currently under review and has been flagged for potential issues related to upvote gaming, poor customer reviews, or questionable practices. Exercise caution while using this tool.

Price: Free

Tag: AI Art Generator, AI GIF Generator


Function of Mage Space

With Mage Space, users can:


Here are some frequently asked questions about Mage Space:

  1. Is Mage Space completely free to use?

Mage Space offers a free version with limitations. However, certain features and models are available only in the paid Pro versions.

  1. What is the pricing model for Mage Space?

Mage Space has a freemium pricing model. The free plan allows unlimited creations, privacy for images, and enhanced features. The Basic plan costs $4 per month and offers multiple active sessions. The Pro plan, priced at $15 per month, provides access to premium GPUs and over 30 fine-tuned models.

  1. Are there better alternatives to Mage Space?

While Mage Space is a free AI image generator, there are other AI image generators available, some of which may offer better results depending on how users structure their text prompts. It is recommended to explore multiple options and choose the tool that best suits your requirements.

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