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What is brings the hottest girls (and soon boys) to you, 24/7. No matter if it is real-world influencers or virtual models, you can chat with them, hear they voice, or ask for special images curated by the influencer. You can chat with French social sensation Eleaglam, veteran playmate Gina Stewart, or newcomers like German countrygirl Clara Color and Aelya our anime cutie – you’ll never get bored! We work with actual influencers from across social channels, so your chats are a lot more authentic, the images of high quality, and you can truly make them part of your everyday. By using their chatbots, you also support them in their creative endeavors. Details

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Developer(s): features

    • Large database of influencers has forged collaborations with a wide range of influencers, famous on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter. Users can view all the characters on the homepage or their preferred type by choosing the filter options.

    • Interactive Chats 

    Users can enter the chatbox by simply clicking the image of the influencer and initiate the conversation with anyone they fancy on the website. 

    • Personalized & authentic trains their models on thousands of hours of information from influencers, enabling us to truly bring out their different personalities, ensuring the most genuine experience of the authentic interaction between users and the AI influencer. 

    • Image & voice support

    Our influencers curate the chatting experience by sharing special images and giving the AI their own unique voice.

supersexy 2 Details

  1. Visit the website.  
  2. Click the image of the influencer you want to chat with.
  3. Start the chat for a free trial.
  4. Write a message in the chatbox and press the arrowhead icon to send it out.
  5. The AI influencer will generate the following response according to your message.
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How to register and log into

  1. You can get started for free – no need to leave your details! 
  2. Once you’ve sent 2-3 messages, you will get prompted to sign up or login with your email, google or apple account. 
  3. Open the link from the email received if you sign in with your email address.
  4. You will be automatically logged in once the process is complete.
  5. You receive more free messages for signing up (number varies by influencer) Pricing

  1. Free: offers a free trial with three credits and users can send out three free text messages. The number varies by talent (~10 usually).
  2. Premium: To continue the chat, users can purchase different amounts of credits at their option to unlock images and voice messages. In addition to influencers, we offer a range of our own talents which are cheaper to chat with.


  • How does the work?
      • We partner with influencers and enable them to create chatbots based on their own persona that chats with their fans. 
      • To start, visit the website and choose an influencer you want to have a conversation with.
      • Send out messages in the chatbox and the AI influencer will reply.
      • Ask for images or voice messages to keep it interesting.
  • Which languages are supported?
      • Generally, our chatbots support most languages 
      • For the best experience, we feature some influencers whose chatbots are trained in their native language (German and French currently)
  • Is supersexy free to use?
      • offers free trial for the first ~10 messages. Users will receive prompts to purchase credits when the current balance is depleted.
  •  Can I use on my mobile phone?
    • You can visit the website from the browser on your mobile device. has not developed as a mobile app yet, but it is on the roadmap. 
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