Coachvox AI: A Tool That Lets You Clone Yourself

What is Coachvox AI?

Coachvox AI enables influential entrepreneurs and coaches to clone themselves using artificial intelligence, to help an unlimited number of clients 24/7. It’s you: scaled to infinity.

Complete the 7-step training program to create an AI version of you that can build familiarity with your audience, add value to your clients and empower your team. Your Coachvox AI can: 

  • Answer questions within your community.
  • Provide 24/7 support to clients.
  • Turn website visitors into leads.
  • Help you respond to emails.

Tag: Chatbot
Pricing: Paid, subscription-based
Developer: Coachvox Limited

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Coachvox AI Function

Once subscribed to Coachvox AI you enter the training area, consisting of seven training rooms. Each of these rooms develops different aspects of your AI. The training rooms are as follows:

One: Voice, tone and style
Two: Personality and conversation flow
Three: Framing and onboarding
Four: Expertise and knowledge base
Five: Prompts and completions
Six: Fine tuning and feedback
Seven: Integration and customization

The Coachvox AI dashboard shows how your audience is interacting with your AI version. You can continue to train your model through feedback and new content.

How to Use Coachvox AI?

Once your AI version is trained, you can embed the chat screen on your website, membership area or using one of our integrations with programs such as Slack and Zendesk. You can monetize your AI version with a pay wall or mobile application.

How to Register and Log in to Coachvox AI ?

Go to to register and join a waitlist.

Choose between three options:

  1. Do it yourself – where you’ll have access to the training rooms
  2. Done with you – where you’ll have sessions to help train your AI version
  3. Done for you – where the Coachvox AI team will train your AI on your behalf

Once spaces become available, you’ll be able to login to your dashboard to begin the training process.

Coachvox AI Price



Who is Coachvox AI for?

Coachvox AI works with influential entrepreneurs and coaches to create an AI version of them that they can use to help infinitely more clients, 24/7. Most of these influential entrepreneurs and coaches have existing content, whether that’s books, articles, podcasts, interviews or FAQs, and we use this content to train their AI.

What technology does Coachvox AI use?

Coachvox AI combines multiple APIs to create the most life-like AI coach possible. The core AI engine we use is Open AI and we have built a layer of logic and workflows on top to supercharge the learning process.

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