Chatbit:Build an AI chatbot for you website in under 3 minutes

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What is Chatbit?

Chatbit lets you build ChatGPT powered AI chatbots for your website, trained on your data or uploaded files. Deploy widget on your website to boost user engagement, answer questions and capture leads — all without the need for coding.

Chatbit Details

Tag:AI chatbots, Customer Engagement, Websites

Price: Freemium

Developer: Bytecraft

Chatbit Functions

Chatbit has following functionality:

  • AI Chatbot Training

Utilizes up to 11 million characters of custom data for highly personalized chat experiences. Scrape web URLs, upload Files, provide free-form text or add Q&A entries.

  • Lead Capture

Efficiently captures leads through interactive dialogues, contributing to higher conversion rates.

  • Appearance and Style Customization

Appearance and Style Customization: Allows for thorough customization to match your brand, including the chatbot’s personality and response style.

  • Easy Setup

Can be seamlessly integrated into your website in under 3 minutes.

  • “Livechat” widget or iframe embed

Deploy as a widget on your website by adding js snippet on your website, or embed iframe to specific pages.

  • White label – remove branding

At $99/mo remove branding for yourself or offer the service as an agency.

How to use Chatbit?

  1. Add source data to train your chatbot – by providing URL, uploading files or adding Q&A fields
  2. Customize Chatbot interface – design, suggested messages, position on the page.
  3. Configure lead capturing and notification settings (optional)
  4. Deploy to your website as a widget (js code) or embed iframe.

How to register and log into Chatbit?

Chatbit supports Google account login.

Chatbit Pricing

Freemium. Free for up to 500 messages per month and 1 chatbot. Paid plans start with $19 per month for multiple chatbots, GPT-4 option and 5,000 messages per month.


  • How does Chatbit work?
      • Chatbots are trained on uploaded data which build the context for AI models who then answer Customers’ questions.
  • In what format can I upload the data?
      • Provide website URLs, upload files (.pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx), paste text, Q&A entries.
  • Can I fine-tune the responses?
      • Yes, you can review conversations and modify the chatbot’s response to a desired one and save to Q&A for the training data.
  • Which languages are supported?
      • As Chatbit is powered by the same technology as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, it supports around 85 common languages.
  • Which OpenAI models do you use?
      • We use GPT-3.5 Turbo by default, with GPT-4 available on paid plans.
  • Is Chatbit free to use?
    • Chatbit has a free plan with up to 500 messages per month and 1 chatbot.
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