Sourcegraph Cody


What is Sourcegraph Cody?

Sourcegraph Cody is an AI coding assistant designed to enhance the coding experience by providing powerful and accurate assistance in writing, fixing, and maintaining code. It leverages the entire codebase to offer contextually relevant suggestions and solutions. Cody is currently available in beta and is free and open-source, making it accessible for a wide range of developers.

Sourcegraph Cody Details

Price: Freemium

Tag: AI Code Generator
Developer(s): Sourcegraph

Release time: 2022

Sourcegraph Cody Key Features

  • AI-Assisted Autocomplete: Cody offers advanced autocomplete capabilities, capable of completing single lines or entire functions across various programming languages, configuration files, or documentation. It is particularly effective in languages like Python, Go, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

  • AI-Powered Chat: Cody includes an AI-powered chat feature that assists developers in understanding new projects, legacy code, or complex problems. It can answer specific questions about the codebase, such as the structure of a repository, the purpose of a file, or the definition of components.

  • Commands for Code Interaction: Cody provides a range of commands for writing, describing, fixing, and identifying code smells. These commands are frequently updated, and developers can also create and share their own custom commands.

  • Sourcegraph Powered Context: Utilizing Sourcegraph’s code graph and analysis tools, Cody offers enhanced context for autocomplete, code explanation, and editing.

  • Compatibility and Integration: Cody integrates seamlessly with various code hosts like GitHub, GitLab, and IDEs like VS Code and JetBrains, providing a comprehensive coding assistant experience.

  • Data Collection and Usage: Cody collects prompts, responses, usage data, and feedback to improve the user experience, ensuring that the data is used responsibly and in line with privacy policies.

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