AI Mail Assistant: The Essential AI Work Mail Assistant

What is AI Mail Assistant?

AI Mail Assistant is a productivity tool developed by Klart AI, designed to enhance your email experience and boost efficiency by integrating seamlessly with Gmail. It offers a free trial and various pricing options to suit your needs.

Price: Starting free
Tag: AI email assistant
Developer: Klart AI

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AI Mail Assistant Functions

  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Generate email responses
  • Summarize emails
  • Translate emails
  • Improve email drafts
  • Ask questions to GPT AI from Gmail
  • Analyze email content for sarcasm, harassment, discrimination, mobbing, ethical issues, and sensitive topics

AI Mail Assistant Applications

Increased efficiency and productivity.

How to Use AI Mail Assistant?

  1. Install add-on on your Gmail from the Google Workspace Marketplace 
  2. Then create an account with the same Gmail account quickly on AI Mail Assistant website And start using

How to Register and Log in AI Mail Assistant?

  1. Go to Google Workspace Marketplace and click install to install the add-on on your Gmail.
  2. Click “Allow” to authorize the add-on.
  3.  If your organization is blocking the access to installation, you can ask your IT team to unblock the add-on.
  4. On your Gmail, open the cards menu from the bottom right of the screen, by clicking the ” < ” button
  5. From the icons on the right, click on the icon of AI Mail Assistant
  6. You need to open an email to be able to use the add-on
  7. On the first screen you will see “Start Free Trial”, click on it to be redirected to the AI Mail Assistant website
  8. Choose a Plan and click on “Get Started”
  9. Click on “Sign Up” and choose “Sign Up with Google”

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What is AI Mail Assistant?

AI Mail Assistant is an email assistant driven by AI technology, which can use AI technology to help users handle various mail-related matters to help them improve work efficiency.

Is AI Mail Assistant free to use?

AI Mail Assistant provides users with a free trial. After the free trial period, users need to pay a certain fee.

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