Sparrow (Deepmind): Chatbot Developed by Google Subsidiary Deepmind

Deepmind is one of the world-renowned AI companies. It has been researching natural language models for many years. Training safer AI assistants has always been the goal of Deepmind. After its competitor OpenAI released chatgpt, Google has repeatedly stated internally that it will Accelerate the research and development progress of its similar product Sparrow.


What is Sparrow Bot?

Sparrow is an AI online Chatbot based on a large language model “Chinchilla” training, developed by Google subsidiary Deepmind, DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis said that the private beta version of Sparrow will be released in 2023. The Sparrow model pays more attention to the practicality, accuracy and safety of the dialogue process during training, and its ultimate goal is to help build safer and more useful artificial general intelligence (AGI).

According to Deepmind’s own data, Sparrow can provide accurate information to its participants 78% of the time, and after training, it still provides wrong information 8% of the time, indicating that Sparrow still has a lot of room for improvement.
Based on public information, Sparrow’s direct competitor, ChatGPT, also has such problems. In the future, Deepmind and OpenAI will have a continuous and fierce competition in model training.

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The Technical Principle of Deepmind Sparrow

The technical basis of Sparrow is the large-scale natural language training model “Chinchilla”. In order to ensure the usefulness of information, Deepmind uses a form of reinforcement learning (RL) based on people’s feedback, using the study participants’ preference feedback to train a model of how useful an answer is.
To ensure that the information output by the model is safe, the model was trained with an initial set of simple rules, such as “don’t make threatening remarks” and “don’t make hateful or insulting comments.”


More information can be found in the Sparrow technical paper.

Who made Sparrow bot?

The Sparrow bot, developed by Alphabet Inc.’s British AI subsidiary Deepmind, is still in development and is expected to be released sometime in 2023.

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