Chinchilla (DeepMind): A Challenger To The GPT3 Model Developed By DeepMind

What is Chinchilla AI

Chinchilla AI is a large natural language model developed by DeepMind. The original version was released in March 2022 and its technology is based on the same principles as other similar models, such as GPT-3, with the difference being in the training parameters and data size. DeepMind claims that for computational efficiency in training, the model size and training data set size should scale equally: as the model size increases by a factor of two, the training data set size should also double. Chinchilla AI tests this assumption by using the same computational budget as Gopher but with 70B parameters and 4 times more data to train a more optimized model, Chinchilla. The results show that Chinchilla uniformly and significantly outperforms Gopher, GPT-3, Jurassic-1, and Megatron-Turing NLG on a wide range of downstream evaluation tasks. Chinchilla has an average accuracy of 67.5% on the MMLU benchmark test, over 7% higher than Gopher.

Interestingly, OpenAI’s ChatGPT based on the GPT-3 model has taken the world by storm since its release, reaching 100 million users in just 2 months. Chinchilla AI currently doesn’t have any standout products, and it’s clear that DeepMind needs to prove its previous boasts to the public.

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The Application of Chinchilla AI

Chinchilla AI has great potential in the application layer, as demonstrated by similar products like ChatGPT:

  • Creating chatbots
  • Text content creation
  • Game or script creation
  • Code building
  • Medical or legal assistance

As more and more developers integrate AI technology into their products, this field is becoming increasingly exciting and transforming people’s work and lives.

How to Login Chinchilla AI

Although Chinchilla AI was released in March of 2022, it is currently unavailable for use. DeepMind claims the model is currently undergoing testing. However, once it is released, we hope that Chinchilla AI can compete with other publicly available tools such as ChatGPT.

For information on the technical principles of Chinchilla AI, you can refer to its research paper: Chinchilla AI Paper.

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