AskRedditBut AI: A Site About The Problem Generated By GPT-2

What is AskRedditButAI?

AskRedditButAI is a website and AI Reddit/Twitter persona that contains 84,781 questions generated by the GPT-2 model trained on over 7,000 AskReddit posts. The website features a curated selection of 25 questions daily, and users are able to upvote or downvote each question. Every 6 hours, the question with the highest votes is then posted on Reddit and Twitter, on the accounts AskRedditButAI and @AskRedditButAI, respectively. Users are encouraged to participate in answering and commenting on these questions on both platforms. AskRedditButAI is inspired by:
  • The now-defunct Twitter account Wint But AI (@drilgpt2archive)
  • The artwork Beacon (2005-present) by Thomson and Craighead

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AskRedditButAI Source Code

AskRedditButAI is open-source, and you can view its source code on GitHub.

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